We proudly present: OptiHeat

Warming Energy

Yes, spring is coming – nevertheless, we still very well remember the time with two degrees below zero (Celsius, that is). Just a little while ago, who did not feel grateful for warm and cosy flats? Oh, if just this heating business was not so energy consuming and expensive. A suggestion to optimise the situation comes from Slovenia: Ivo Peperko and Rok Loncaric, representing OptiHeat, have developed a controller for heat pumps which is promising power savings of up to 10%.

Actually, this is about much more than just the regulation of ups and downs in temperature. Their technology manages the running of the heat pump as well as the controlling of results in saving as well as the long-distance maintenance of the pump via smart phone or tablet. Even meteorological data of the actual weather algorithm are made useful for the adjustment of an optimal room temperature. “How wonderful!”, you might now think, and sigh: “Unfortunately, converting my heating system is really not on the agenda right now.” Never mind: Installation is simple and dust-free. Instead of fundamental reconstructions, all that is needed is an Ethernet cable and a socket. The controller is thus simply directly connected to the present heat pump, to the internet, and to the Cloud. Done. But of course, OptiHeat also offers a complete solution (only the dust you have to deal with yourself). Sounds promising. New and fresh on the German market, this technology is already established in its homeland.

Rok, by the way, also knows a thing or two about founding. This is his third enterprise. The 35-year-old speaks softly and casually, as seems to be his way. Altogether, the young Slovenian is enchantingly reserved, modestly talking about his idea, with no need for grand gestures. OptiHeat wants the swb to support their market entry, it wants to affect and win over the market, step by step. With his evenly calm voice, Rok points out: “You need a whole lot of patience when you aim at developing something new and want to revolutionise the market.” You would think that he was still talking about the weather – not about his great concepts or even … the revolution. Not one moment of doubt that he has enough patience for the establishing of something new.

So – who exactly is he now, Rok – apart from his enterprise? He almost looks surprised by the question; he smiles quietly, and then offers a quick run through his professional life – starting with his career as guitarist in a band. He talks about music, kite surfing, snowboarding, and about Berlin. Yes. Now his eyes are sparkling. Berlin! – Having lived there for some time, he loves this city. But Bremen is nice, too. Rok laughs. What else does he love? “Pizza!”, he says, for the first time showing a cheery emphasis. This is the moment when you get a glimpse of the warmth and energy hiding beneath the calm. And then Rok has gone again and is deeply absorbed by his work.