The winner of “Smart Tech Trophy” is…

“Smart Tech Trophy” celebrates its premiere “kraftwerk” awards prizes to three start-ups from an international panel of participants

“Smart Tech Trophy” celebrates its premiere
“kraftwerk” awards prizes to three start-ups from an international panel of participants

The award winners of the “Smart Tech Trophy 2015” can now be revealed. In the premises of “kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen” at Altes Postamt 5, prizes will be handed over today to the three first-ranking start-up companies Just Charge, Evoblade and Food Heroes. Together with nine other teams, they had presented their ideas to a jury of experts and qualified for
the final round.

In the autumn of 2015, 42 teams from 13 nations had responded to kraftwerk’s bid for the submission of ideas on the “Infrastructure in the City of the Future”. The start-ups applied with their business ideas on the subjects “Energy for My City” and “Waste Management of the Future”. Twelve of them received an invitation to present themselves at a pitch before the kraftwerk jury of experts in November 2015.

kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen
Having its premises at Altes Postwerk 5, “kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen” is a place where ideas shall learn to walk and establish themselves in the market as a new business model. The explicit objective is to accompany the start-ups on their way to an economically prosperous future.

Up to eight teams will move into the premises of the Accelerator and work there for a period of one year. In addition to financial support, they will also benefit from continuous professional consultancy and from a mix between intensive know-how exchange and a focused working atmosphere. The Accelerator programme provides support to the participating start-ups through office workplaces, scholarships, infrastructure, business coachings, workshops and a well-rehearsed business network. kraftwerk invites freelancers of various disciplines to meet and become part of a living community at the “Co-working Space” for creative minds.

The prize winners
As the third-ranking team, Just Charge from the region of Hanover will receive a prize money of EUR 500. Evoblade from the region of Bremen has come second and wins 1,000 EUR. The overall winner receiving both the prize money of EUR 3,000 and the Smart Tech Trophy 2015 is the international squad of Food Heroes from London, whose members originally come from Poland, the Philippines, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

The start-ups and their projects/product ideas
Food Heroes: Production of drying powder from fruit and vegetable remains to extend the storage life;
Evoblade: Wind flow elements (retrofits) to enhance the efficiency of wind power plants;
Just Charge: Online service for electric vehicles, guiding them to the nearest unoccupied charging station.

Candidates for moving into the premises of the Accelerator
Biofinch Limited (Ireland): Hollow-vessel composting system based on the use of solar energy;
Energy Storage/Niore (Slovakia): Concept for the storage of electric energy;
JaSa (Germany): Modules for smart home applications;
Pipe Hydro Energy (Germany): Generation of energy from the current in
water supply pipes;
Power Tree (Egypt): Generation of photovoltaic energy on mono palm trees for internet and telecommunication purposes;
SayFuel (Germany): Real-time analysis of the price information of petrol stations.

The criteria of the jury
The jury based its assessment of the projects on six core criteria such as technology orientation and the innovative capacity of the project ideas, the customer perspective, the strategy and financial planning. The jury also assessed the team members and their collaboration, commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, profound know-how, knowledge of the market and far-reaching experience.