Account Manager Business Customers, swb Vertrieb Bremen GmbH

“to support, but not to counsel”

Motorcar mechanical, industrial business management assistant, with a degree in marketing communications, and today, he is he works as account manager at the swb Vertrieb Bremen GmbH, where he is responsible for national medium sized businesses and industrial customers – Ingo Steinhaus is versatile. As one of the tutors at kraftwerk, he knows and brings tools that a start-up needs for a strategic positioning on the German market. “The question is: How do you acquire customers? What is their additional benefit?” Ingo’s enthusiasm for sales and marketing and the launching of a new product is unmistakable. His role at kraftwerk is crystal clear: “I am here to support, not to counsel.” So – what is his excess value? “Looking beyond my own backyard generates fresh impulses and a different perspective looking at my own stuff.”

Supports OptiHeat