Smart Tech Trophy 2016

Here is what has happened so far: over 40 applications from 20 different countries have reached us over the last few weeks from Australia and Sweden to the USA and China. From energy and innovative waste management solutions, mobility in communication and logistics to digitisation in the energy sector and in the sale of energy, everyone and everything is involved.

But there is still time! The application phase for the SMART TECH TROPHY 2016 is coming to a close, but clever ideas can still be submitted by July 10, 2016. The winning team receives the SMART TECH TROPHY and 3,000 euro. In addition, there is an opportunity to participate in the one-year Accelerator programme.

With the utility company swb AG and the Bremen plant of the automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz as partners, kraftwerk offers a wealth of know-how, expert support, tutors, and experts for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Together, we promote promising concepts for the urban infrastructure of the future and are creating a special kind of “innovation incubator”! So, take those ideas out of the drawer, fill out the application form, and be a part of it!

The final application deadline is July 10, 2016.

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