Our tutors: Klaus Kerwel

We proudly present Klaus Kerwel...

Klaus Kerwel has gotten around. As a ship machinist he took to the seas, studied mechanical engineering, and travelled around the world as a wind turbine commissioner. Later, he helped power plant and industrial clients service their turbine plants and worked as a key account manager in Asia. Before he returned to Bremen in 2009, he worked in the areas of aircraft maintenance and industrial turbines.

At swb Erzeugung, Klaus is responsible for the area of innovation in the plant management sector. As a tutor, he helps young start-ups at kraftwerk to find their way into the market. “In my professional career, I have always though outside the box, experienced many different cultures, and in particular, always worked together with young people. Here is where these three things come together. It is refreshing and is a lot of fun”, says the 57-year-old. He can pass on his experience in particular to the start-ups – although fully aware that they don’t always want to hear what he says. “Sometimes my realism stands in the way of the idealism of the younger generation.”

In spite of this, Adriana and Vita (FoPo) benefit from the many years of international experience of their tutor. “And I learn something new as well, have to deal with fields that are unknown to me, blaze a new trail, and taken out of my daily routine”, says Klaus with pleasure. His colleagues at the company feel the same way. kraftwerk is a little “out of this world”, and with his young start-ups refreshingly different from the other relatively rigid company structures, finds Klaus. “Away from the usual atmosphere, the people flourish here, enjoy the differences, and can move around more freely.” This is how value is added to an exchange of ideas.