Sold Like Hot Cakes

There are all sorts of stuff you can come up with at home in your kitchen. This is where you can bake, stir, cook whatever you like – but will it also taste good to the target audience’s palate? FoPo (that is, Food Powder) has been tested and tasted before and FoPo has proved: It tastes delicious! This time, the startup built its stand in front of the doors of an EDEKA store.

So on Saturday, customers had the opportunity to taste no less than three different flavours in various states and procedures. These tastes literally sold like hot cakes. There was apple cake, vegan banana cake, and – a salted variation – an olive-and-cream-cheese dip. “People especially loved the vegan banana cake. Most of them were surprised how good it tastes”, Kristyna Schinnenborg reports – not without pride. Schinnenborg is head of marketing at FoPo. So far, FoPo had to re-produce the packages three times, and feed back for the products have been nothing but positive. In the end, 52 sachets had been sold in seven hours – “I know the exact number because 52 was all we had”, Kristyna laughs. So FoPo had to cancel the second day of promotion that was initially planned. All beginnings are difficult – but honestly: There are worse reasons for a cancellation, don’t you think?

FoPo’s contact with the EDEKA group is due to good connections the swb company has with the food production industry. Of course, the startup won’t miss this opportunity. That is why the second promotion-day will, of course take place, a catch-up on the following Friday. There will be a fresh supply of everything, and different sorts will have arrived by then. Besides the flavours apple, banana, and olive, there will be three new powders to taste: mango, pineapple, and lime. FoPo wants to use the sales promotion to convince the supermarket chain to list their products and put them on their shelves. Well – we are very much in f(l)avour of it!