Kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen was created to develop powerful ideas for the city of the future. It enables us to assist startups, e.g. by initiating co-operations with the kraftwerk’s partner companies. We create synergy effects by establishing contact with other startups already active at kraftwerk, and with all kinds of other companies involved in the coworking space and Bremen community.

The issues addressed at kraftwerk are climate neutrality, circular economy and digitalization.

How much support, and what kind of support, will lead you to success? Depending on how developed your idea is, you can work with us to devise an action plan tailored to your specific needs.



Seed and Early Stage

We offer you tailored, personalised support during the seed phase. Want to pursue success in Bremen? With the help of our partners, we want to assist you in developing your idea into a successful business model.

Our support will create the space you need for you work – in terms of time, finances, technical expertise and office infrastructure.

During the “early stage” phase, specifically assigned tutors will help you set up your project and network intensively with experts and decision-makers at our partner companies. Through personalised advanced training, you will acquire the tools you need to take the next step. We fill any gaps in the financial basis so you can concentrate fully on your work.

Late stage

Already got a business model? Got your company up and running? About to do your prototyping or already done it and ready to take the leap into the market? We can help here too!

Right from day one, tutors will be on hand to assist you and help you network with the partner companies. Together, you will thus overcome initial hurdles, eliminate any pitfalls, establish technology partnerships, and unlock market access. kraftwerk will help you with prototyping and with your first entry into the market.


With its innovation hotspots for wind energy, maritime technology, automotive and aerospace technology, transport and logistics, the Hanseatic city of Bremen is one of Germany’s most interesting economic hubs. The startup scene’s ecosystem is far-reaching, with a wide range of options for networking and exchanging knowledge. The city near the North Sea is lively and lush, situated right on the Weser River. It has short travelling distances, with the airport virtually right in the middle, and a great variety of sporting and cultural facilities. So it’s the ideal setting for being able to fully concentrate on business development – the spirit of research, apparent throughout the entire city, does the rest.

Adress & Directions

Our service – Your benefit

  • Personalised, negotiable support programme
  • Co-operation with experts and decision-makers from our partner companies
  • Financial support
  • Advanced training by internal and external coaches, including sprint formats
  • Support by tutors
  • Fast prototyping of business ideas
  • A work station at the kraftwerk, and adequate space for meetings and workshops

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