What type of entrepreneur are you?

A superhero type

Aren’t start-up entrepreneurs those young, dynamic, cool, adventurous types in designer chairs? Oh yeah, and then there’s those nerds, the ones with the Silicon Valley companies … In any case, they are – well, what are they actually? Well, to be honest, the answer is relatively simple: they are just like you and I.

Anyone who has thought about founding a start-up knows how difficult it is to take the first step on the way to founding a start-up. The biggest hurdles are usually your own doubts, the lack of complete trust in your own personal strengths – or simply a lack of vision for the future. Can I do this? Do I want to do this? And what comes after that? If you have a good idea but haven’t found the right drive yet, then maybe finding out which category you belong to will help you get started. Our kraftwerk teachers Jörn Hendrik Ast and Inken Arntzen, who is also a solopreneur and founder, had this idea: to help people discover their own talents and real superpowers, they developed their “superhero typology”. The basic question is: what do you really want to do? A test consisting of forty statements and their assessments should help you answer this question.

The superheroes are divided into four groups: founder, maker, fighter, and helper. These are in turn divided into sixteen career superhero types ranging from the start-up founder, part-time maker, and contract fighter to the activist and other types of heroes. Each type of superhero is ascribed different skills, superpowers, and talents. Jörn Hendrik and Inken have consulted around 500 individuals, empirically evaluated the results, and formulated three hypotheses together with Ernst Roidl based on the results: (1) There is no such thing as the typical founder – and gender doesn’t play any role in the selection of career superheroes. (2) The times when linear careers were preferred are over, and these well-known role models are put into question due to the concept of “fluid careers”. (3) The skills networks of women are larger than those of men.

In other words: Whoever you are – use your talents and discover your superpowers, because there is a hero hidden in every one of us. And a hero is certainly able to found a successful start-up.


Take the superhero test here: http://superheldentraining.de/testhelden/