What A Pub-Crawl

Farewell And Good-Bye In The Union Brewery

Yesterday, our start-ups, old and new, enjoyed the company of their tutors and the kraftwerk team to the full: in the Union brewery. After a guided tour providing a lot of information on the cool gold-coloured drink there was some beer to be tasted. The twenty-seven participants had the opportunity to savour all of the different sorts and find their favourite craft beer. Later on, the savouring of delicate snacks in a ‘gemütliche’ circle was accompanied by even more accurate tasting and reminiscing about the previous months. For now, it will be over – this was it. Farewell and thank you, our first round of start-ups, thank you for our way together all through the past year, we wish you success. Sigh.

But… to be honest: Somehow, this was no real farewell-party at all, for one or the other will possibly stay with us for quite a while. At least, negotiations concerning further collaboration are not completed (blog-reports on the further course of proceedings will follow). The teams are welcome to make use of their working space in the kraftwerk for some time. And after that, they will very probably drop in every once in a while. Ain’t that right? Yes. Besides: The newcomers are just about to launch…