We’re starting Phase 2 – who’s coming with?

Milestone pitch at kraftwerk

Quantum leaps, tiny steps, and a change of subject – our start-ups are well underway. The goal yesterday was to present the current status to the jury since the first phase of the Accelerator programme has come to an end, and now the question is: who will start in the next round? Rhino, JaSa, Evoblade, FoPo, and Biofinch (Miroslav Novàk from Niore has unfortunately already left the group) – they all summarised the milestones reached in the past months, created a business plan, surveyed the market, refined their ideas, and had 7 minutes to present their project. The jury wanted to know: What progress have they made to date? Is everyone involved ready to go? Is the target market in focus, is the required know-how available, have customer needs been analysed, and are you still as passionate about your project as before?

The decision on who will stay in the kraftwerk Accelerator will be made in the coming days. We are excited, crossing our fingers, and can’t wait for the next phase to start.