Bremen Startup Community

It’s hard to believe there’s actually a decent-sized city way up north powering the startup scene. Forget Berlin, Hamburg or Munich – it’s Bremen that’s creating the future!

Our great city on the Weser is not only a traditional Hanseatic city with a University of Excellence; it’s also a hub for the latest technology, the headquarters of the lead factory of Mercedes-Benz’s highest selling series, and a game-changer in renewable energy. But the best bit is: Everyone is visible here. None of that big-city anonymity – whatever happens, Bremen is amongst it, giving you fast access to the key decision-makers.

Our small but efficient startup scene is driven by a number of dedicated stakeholders, initiatives, sponsors, consultancy centres banks, the private sector – and of course kraftwerk. Our accelerator gives young entrepreneurs a basis to get started in the market, putting you in touch with likeminded people and supporters, and connecting you with Nordic life – which is nowhere near as cold and stand-offish as you are led to believe.

Be part of our Bremen startup community and enrich our city with your business idea! Apply for the Smart Tech Trophy 2017 and our 14-month accelerator funding programme by 13 August. Smart City is calling!

Thanks to Buten & Binnen: