We did it! Our start-ups are entering the 2nd Phase

Congrats to our start-ups!

“We knew it all along!”, is what we wanted to say – but it was still exciting. Rhino, JaSa, Evoblade, FoPo, and Biofinch presented the current status of their projects to the kraftwerk Accelerator jury last week. The jury certainly did not take their job lightly: each pitch was followed by an intensive round of consulting, discussions, and objections, and then the prospects for success were compared. The result: all participants have made the jump into the 2nd phase of the kraftwerk Accelerator programme! But not without critical feedback and homework for each of the participants, though. Professionalisation of the marketing measures, examination of the scalability of the product, fast entry into the prototyping phase, increasing the number of promising contacts, concentration on the target market – the greater the diversity of the companies, the greater the variety of upcoming challenges.

The members of the jury personally provided the start-ups with support to help them get the job done in the form of individual consulting days. The next workshops focusing on marketing and entering the market are being held at exactly the right time. We congratulate all participants and are looking forward to the next step – into the market and towards success.