The Second Round

There will be a lot of change this year, again. And many things will just stay the way they are. What you can be sure of is that the well-grounded expertise of the tutors escorting our startups will remain on the same high level. They stem from the swb and, this time, also from the Mercedes Benz plant in Bremen. What will change a lot is the entrepreneurial necessities for the participating startups.

When the support programme started with its first round in 2016, six young startup companies took residence in the Alte Postamt. From a good idea to first business steps, awards for the business plan, and scientific prospects for success, the beginners had mainly one thing in common: All of them stood at the beginning of their entrepreneurship, and they set off together – on their way to and onto the market. They all dealt with the same topics: competition analysis, target group analysis, distribution, plus first and foremost the optimising and finetuning of their own product, again and again.

In the previous months, all of them have learnt that founding an enterprise is not easy, and that it takes stamina, work, and great willpower. Not all of them persevered: Four of the six startups made it into the kraftwerk year 2017. The enterprises participating in the next round of the programme, on the other hand, are no beginners any more. GEOLUMEN, Meshcrafts, OPTI HEAT – all of them have already left the challenges and difficulties of founding a business behind. In their home countries, they are quite firm on the market and, they their areas of business opportunities. Thus their aim for 2017: Entering the German market, as it is especially interesting for startups in the fields of energetic and ecological technologies.

For our future tutors, with regards to content, this means an entirely different task. While last year’s focus was on fundamental principles and challenges of the foundation of an enterprise, with the three new startups the relevant characteristics and specifics of the German market, legal and business cultural basics, will play a major role. Thus, for the tutors, it will be less about seeing the startups through product or service design, but about relevant mercantile and marketing methods. This does certainly mean no less suspense – and an additional benefit of know-how on both sides.

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