The First Round of Workshops in 2017

Market Launch

Three days of intense work with no other topic than the question: How do I survive on the market? Startup strategy, pitch training, team building – Jan Bathel got right to the heart of it. Because as the saying goes: The market is no children’s zoo. (Does the saying go like this in English? Anyway, you will know what we are talking about.) It is a very tough business. You can only succeed if you pursue the right strategy, have a convincing standing, and feel the support of a dedicated team. Okay, you will also need luck – not to be forgotten – but that will come naturally. At any rate, an elaborate strategy is the foundation of a successful market entry – not to confuse this with the business strategy, no: This is about the beginning, the entrée, the positioning, about first impressions. It is about the one moment that won’t happen twice. Spoil it, and you might pay with your mere existence – if “only” the founding existence.

This is similar to the pitch, when you hop onto the stage, present your idea, your enterprise, and not less than yourself. That’s the moment. Thus the aim of the workshop and training is to focus not only on content, but also on appearance, presence on stage, and presentation techniques. Finally, you want to find investors or to convince stakeholders. A good pitch is half the battle! Not less than that.

But what would all this be without the people and the characters of the founders. It is them that bring an enterprise into being, onto the street and forward. Problems, difficulties, and decisions challenge and test the relationships in the team of a startup, especially during establishment. Accordingly, team building is an important and crucial aspect which contributes decisively to your success. As well as in the other areas, Jan Bathel conveyed valuable tools to support this process.

Resumé: FoPo, Evoblade, JaSa, S-Park Solutions as well as GEOLUMEN went through three days of useful training. Because it is much better to take things into your own hands than to just let them happen to you.