Start-ups are welcome to submit this application in two categories by 30th of September 2015: ´Energy for my city´& ´Waste management of the future´.

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kraftwerk is a place for entrepreneurs, founders and start-up teams, which devote themselves to the infrastructure of modern cities. With you, kraftwerk will find answers to the question: How will the infrastructure of the city of tomorrow look like?

We are looking for start-ups having devoted themselves with passion to new processes in the areas of energy supply and waste management –i.e. processes that have a sustained positive impact on our environment and hence create added value for people, society and the economy.

We are looking for innovative ideas suitable to cover daily energy requirements on a sustainable basis and, at the same time, to save resources and reduce CO2 emissions. We are looking for ideas to avoid, reduce, recycle and commercialise waste.

Start-ups are welcome to submit their applications in two categories by 30th of September 2015:

Energy for my city

  • How do we guarantee sustainable energy supply in the city of tomorrow?
  • How do we avoid wasting energy?
  • How can we enhance the efficiency of existing plants?
  • How can push and encourage concepts of “Energy on Demand” as a business in cooperation with you?

Waste management of the future

  • What will waste management look like in the city of the future?
  • What ideas exist for the use of biomass?
  • What products can we manufacture out of recycled synthetic materials?
  • What products can be manufactured from the waste combustion slag?
  • Are there any recycling opportunities in respect of wind power plants?


kraftwerk Smart Tech Trophy 2015

On 10 November 2015, the applying teams will present their ideas to a jury of experts consisting of managers and specialists from the participating partner companies, university professors and experienced business experts. The jury will select the best ideas, which will then be incorporated into the accelerator programme.

All data will be treated as confidential and in no circumstances be passed on to a third party. Confidentiality and protection of the ideas submitted is guaranteed. Legal recourse is ruled out. All parties involved in the project undertake to maintain secrecy with respect to any information received in the framework of the competition.

The winning team of the kraftwerk Smart Tech Trophy 2015 will receive a prize money of € 3,000. The runners-up and the third-placed team will be awarded € 1,000 and € 500 respectively.

Apply now – it is worthwhile! With kraftwerk as partner, start-ups will take a major step towards the implementation of their business idea. Please submit your application to our accelerator-program, running from November 2015. Detailed information about the program can be found on our website here.

We are looking forward to receiving your application here!