Coordination of regional and national private customer marketing and sales swb Vertrieb Bremen GmbH


Self-description: swb dinosaur, idealist. Jörg Machirus has been working for the swb for thirty-three years, twenty-four of them in private customer marketing and sales. “I’m a salesman to the core. I can sell anytime, anyplace.” He laughs. That is why he thinks he is the right person at the right place at the right time, being a tutor at kraftwerk. There is no greater satisfaction than implementing an idea and seeing it through.” So – what is his gain? Being forced to leave his own strategic guidelines, being forced to lateral thinking, and to learn structures. “I am a Kümmerer (the German ‘Kümmerer’ is hard to translate and describes a person who enjoys being positively concerned with many things and people), a creative chaotic with a wee bit too little structure. Our start-ups are super structured – this is where I can learn a thing or two,” he says approvingly. We are talking about a classical win-win-situation – and fun.

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