Driving Assistance Systems, Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen, Daimler AG

“peering into young brains”

Ariela is a technician to the core. Having studied “technomathematics”, a course of studies combining classical mathematics with engineering sciences  – in practice, an interface between economy and technology. Ariela already has experiences as a tutor, cooperating with the Jacobs Universityand the Mercedes Benz project “Go innovative”. In our kraftwerk, it is about business. Ariela enjoys this closeness to real life. She is glad to have the chance to peer into the workings of young and innovative brains. “This ingeniousness, almost naïveté is a lot of fun.” The absence of rules is what she enjoys the most – this does not, on the other hand, mean chaotic activity to her. “I like deadlines, appointments, and liability”, she states clearly.

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