SMART TECH TROPHY 2016 – Ready to go!

List of participants completed

What a programme! Italy, Spain, Romania, Norway and Sweden, Slovenia, even the USA, and, of course, Germany – this year, participants of the SMART TECH TROPHY stem from eight different countries worldwide. This means that twelve teams, consisting of 21 members, will pitch on October 25th in front of our jury (from kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen).

„Digital energy“, „new solutions in waste management“, „mobility“, and „rethinking energy“ – these are the topics for the upcoming round: ideas galore. We received more than 80 applications, so it was quite difficult to chose the projects for the final round. To give a tiny impression of the variety: Innovations in the realm of digital energy might develop into a peer-to-peer-platform or a virtual power station, new waste solutions might result in developing mechanical processes for the upcycling of organic waste, environmentally friendly purification of (industrial) effluents, or maybe means to store energy from the recycled batteries of electromobiles. One innovative mobility concept contains ideas for an open market place to recharge electronic vehicles. Another application suggests the re-thinking of energy. This will happen in an internet-based cooperative, including lighting systems and processing real time environmental data. The amplifying of light and the distributing system should do without electricity, but work instead by means of urban micro wind turbines or by using wave power near islands and coastal regions.

Wow! As in the years before, we are fascinated and surprised by the creativity and innovative power these young startups display. Thus, we are feverishly expecting the participating teams’ pitches for the SMART TECH TROPHY 2016. They will be quite international, certainly colourful, and a safe bet concerning vivacity and excitement.