Re-Visiting SMART TECH TROPHY 2016

A big success!

Yes, it is always the same with these happenings: There are endless things to do in advance. Participants, panel of judges, guests, technicians, staging, lighting, and the supporting programme, musicians, catering, and a thousand of different enormously big details. With time diminishing and pressure rising, the date closes in rapidly. And, no matter how well you are prepared, there will always be some things not running as planned. — And then: The whole event is over. Wham! Done.

But we will not file our SMART TECH TROPHY 2016 away this fast – no! Apart from the fact that choosing the participants for the 2017 kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen has only just begun, we also collected a wide range of wonderful snapshots and impressions of the event. Thus, we have all we need to appreciatively review and glean. And it was a marvelous day with a successful end in the evening. The atmosphere was joyful, the pitches and project as different from each other as their presenters, the food was tasty, presenter Dirk Böhling took us through the day in his usual brilliantly entertaining way, and the three young musicians from Havington created a relaxing soundscape with their fresh and easy independent folk music. To sum it all up: A big success! — If only it had not been over so fast.

Therefore – in order to relive and relish the moment even longer – we now present the three winners of SMART TECH TROPHY 2016 in detail:

In the end, Geolumen from Italy took the lead. Their idea to “re-think energy” reads as this: By creating a wireless networking structure, lighting systems of future cities will turn into an IoT-platform. Antonio Domenico Ialeggio and Stefano De Masi were very convincing as they presented their ideas of networking, demonstrated creativity concerning the use of light, but especially with their enthusiasm and superior presentation of their business plan – as members of the panel Jens-Uwe Freitag (swb Erzeugung AG & Co. KG) and Markus Völkel (Mercedes-Benz Werk Bremen) commented in their laudation.

Alexander Kmita (swb Vertrieb Bremen GmbH) and Dr. Carl Evertsz called forth the runner-up, that is Meshcrafts from Norway. It is their aim to further advance e-mobility in Germany: Providing an open marketplace to recharge electronic vehicles, Paal Christian Myhre and Åsmund Møll Frengstad not only offer comfortable service for users, but also a better yield for the operators of charging stations. In the judges’ opinion, they are candidates with a lot of potential for the big success.

Last but not least, OEEX from Germany placed third. Marco Borghesi and Ayanda Rogge developed a peer-to-peer-platform. It enables customers and all persons involved in the energy market of tomorrow to access local and green energy at reasonable prices. In doing so, says Simone Lordieck (swb AG), Borghesi and Rogge pick up current trends: digitalization, decentralization, inter-connecting. And again, Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling (LEMEX) emphasised the young entrepreneurs’ feel for the market, their courage to think ‘off the beaten track’ and to take the effort to manifest their idea with such stamina.

We keep our fingers crossed for all of our prizewinners – may they successfully establish their idea on the market. And who knows: Maybe we will meet one or the other again in the kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen.