Out with the Old, In with the New

Bremen 2014: The energy transformation brings with it a structural transition in the energy sector. Conventional power plants are no longer running at full capacity, either waiting for utilisation or are decommissioned entirely. What to do? Certainly tap into new business fields, realign oneself with the factors and the market, and most importantly: rethink old strategies. But how?

Years ago, the sbw-Erzeugung energy provider created an innovation group to deal with this challenge. However, as we know, those on the inside can’t see forest for the trees. An outside perspective had to be found.

In 2016, the solution in numbers looked like this: 550 square metres of space for thinking, 2 exciting awards for the SMART TECH TROPHY, 6 promising startups in the support programme, 14 critical jury members, 9 inspiring coworkers, 34 ambitious pitches, 1 innovative cooperative partner, 7 dedicated tutors, countless workshops, events and guests. Put another way: kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen has established itself wonderfully as a platform to support startups and cross-industry co-working with the goal of developing and realising new business ideas. Yes!

Now on to the next challenge! We look forward to new and innovative ideas, finicky challenges, progress, setbacks…and primarily on our new startups, of course! They’ll want to be part of the action in the new year. We’ll tell you who exactly these will be in January. Just a hint: one of the SMART TECH TROPHY 2016 recipients will be there.

In this spirit and looking forward into the new year: we bid adieu during the winter break and say “thank you!” for so many experiences in the past year. In the meantime, we will clean up and organise, sweep out the old dust, and wish everyone a relaxing and pleasant holiday season. In 2017, on 3 January to be exact, we will begin anew. Happy new year!

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