Our Tutors: Ariela Pagel

Ariela Pagel

Group Portrait With Lady – Ariela Pagel knows the feeling. During her studies, on the job or here at the kraftwerk, most of the time she is surrounded by men only. Nevertheless: To her, this is not worth noting. “I am glad to meet a woman every now and then”, she laughs. So – let’s leave this topic and focus on the really important stuff: Ariela is a technician to the core. The lady from Bremen studied “technomathematics”, a course of studies combining classical mathematics with engineering sciences, thereby incorporating the significance of mathematics in the sciences of engineering and industry, and the natural sciences. In practice, this means developing a mathematical concept in order to describe a ‘real’ problem. This concept serves as a basis for the following steps of procedure. You go from the material model to a theoretical paradigm, so to say – this could also be described as an interface between economy and technology, or, as Ariela puts it: “Skimming the cream (i.e. the most interesting things) off of both worlds.”

Her vast and complex knowledge is applied at the Merceds-Benz Plant Bremen. The realm of driving assitance systems is where Ariela detects hidden flaws in the abysmal depths of today’s automobile technology. How did she find her way into our team of tutors from there? “They just thought that I’d be the right person for the job. Besides, as I am the first person to do it, there is little I can do wrong”, she smiles. Too modest, as the nomination is certainly no coincidence. Ariela already has experiences as a tutor, cooperating with the Jacobs University. In 2015/2016 she and her team won in the Mercedes Benz project “Go innovative”. In our kraftwerk, she coaches Meshcrafts as one of the first appointed tutors. “This is not about building castles in the air, as it was with the students. This is about business.” Ariela enjoys this closeness to real life. She is glad to have the chance to peer into the workings of young and innovative brains – a startling sentence for a thirty year-old, but she especially refers to their way of organising work. “This ingeniousness, almost naïveté is a lot of fun when you are used to working in a huge traditional corporation with all its regularities,” she explains. The absence of rules is what she enjoys the most – this does not, on the other hand, mean chaotic activity to her. “I like deadlines, appointments, and liability”, she states clearly.

Right now, Ariela supports Meshcrafts concerning the smaller everyday challenges. “Their primary aim at the moment is getting to know the German market. Norway, for example, has a very different price structure”, Ariela knows. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz Plant offers ideal surroundings. “Once you have observed and understood the functioning of automobiles to the last detail, you know how charging structures have to correspond accordingly, and then you will know which one of your plans and solutions are realistic.” A prototype project on the factory premises might be appropriate. In sum, the contact to the plant of one of the most important automobile manufacturers offers various possibilities – small and large scale. The most important and visible connection between the Norwegian start-up and their tutor is their unmistakable enthusiasm for technology. This is the topic where all their eyes begin to sparkle similarly.