Our Tutors: Andreas Laur

Andreas Laur

Now he is working on a “Supertanker”, Andreas Laur smiles, “which runs, swims, and floats reliably.” So every now and then, he finds it exciting to spend some time on his speed boat. This is a wonderful comparison. But let us not be lulled by images of soft waves or splashing sea spray. Let us leave the metaphorical level, let us return back to solid ground: Being an account manager at swb, Andreas Laur is often out and about, meeting various people from diverse lines of business. “This is great fun – there is never a moment of dullness!” this also goes for the kraftwerk. Nevertheless, there is a clear difference between his everyday field of work and his contributing to kraftwerk. “Just take the premises – fresh, innovative, you always overhear people speaking in different languages, you meet open-minded young persons, this is just great.” Playing a part in this by using his network to create precious contacts for these people – this is what Andreas Laur is looking forward to.

It will depend on their necessities how exactly his support may look like. First of all, Andreas Laur is a sales representative, and this is the perspective he offers. Experiences, contacts – this is how he will support the market launch of GEOLUMEN, together with his colleague Jörg Machirus. To Andreas, excitement is in the joint development: What will finally become of the start-ups and their ideas? Will they enter the swb and the supporting “supertanker”? He deems it important to strategically place the start-up in the company, so that all parties involved benefit from the situation. But it is a little too early for this move. “Right now, we are working on the strategic route“, says Andreas. As soon as they have decided on the route and direction, off they go.

The studied economist, whose major field of study was marketing, knows what he is talking about. He had previously worked for an internationally operating furniture company, then changed to the energy company swb in 2011, taking on the sales department for business clients. “We worked in a team of four – plus team leader – and were very successful”, he reports. Andreas is sure that the main reason for this was the extraordinarily good cooperation in the team. “It is important for every member to know what her or his part was in the success”, he emphasizes. Andreas Laur also stresses the importance of service-mindedness. Enthusiasm, passion, fire – this is important for any progress. “You must never let that fire die”, the 38 year-old knows. Well, everybody around here is far from this danger.