niore – Even if it takes time, stick to it!

We proudly present: Miroslav from niore

Yeah, even if we don’t like to hear it: some things take time. Development, for example, is not something you do quickly and easily. Unfortunately, Miroslav Novák has also experienced this. It was a long time ago that he stood in front of a wind turbine and thought “That is not a very good solution.” Sensors, computers, motors – too much equipment to keep the system constantly in alignment thought the graduate of the Czech Republic’s military academy of rocket science. His idea: a self-adjusting wind turbine. Miro developed, calculated, tinkered, built an initial prototype in his yard at home – and encountered new challenges. The crux: the axis. Too much mass, too much frictional energy, too high a speed. The solution: out of the air, into the water. A good idea. So, another round. More development, recalculation, construction, and optimisation. It works! The idea was impressive, and the initial results are promising. But then came the next hurdles. He needed money to build the prototype, a site for the test phase, partners who are convinced the idea will work… and then you are suddenly stuck. There were endless issues to resolve, it took more time than planned, even more effort than he thought, more patience than he could muster – and dropping everything seemed to be an enticing possibility for a moment.

“You just have to get through it”, says Miro and laughs. “You have to be a bulldog. These dogs take a bite of something and don’t let go any more. Regardless of what happens. “Yes. Things sometimes take time. And in some cases a lot of time. On that note: sort, optimise, and don’t lose sight of the goal.