kraftwerk is expanding

with new premises just across the road

We’re growing and really expanding now: The last few weeks have seen a new, additional space – a co-working space for startups, co-workers and innovation groups for our partner companies swb, Mercedes-Benz and EWE – emerge directly opposite the familiar kraftwerk. For all those within the kraftwerk community wanting to fine-tune and hone ideas for the future over an extended period. A lot of hard work has gone into this new space; walls have been put up to create meeting rooms, and the smart light designed by our startup Geolumen is used to illuminate the rooms. Whiteboards, however, were not needed in the new building, for our walls can now be written on directly. A mix of new and used furniture retains the industrial charm which makes working at the kraftwerk so special.

The original kraftwerk will also continue to operate, providing more space for the innovation groups of our partner companies swb, Mercedes-Benz Werk Bremen and EWE, who can use it as a playground for sprints, events and workshops in a bid to promote new ideas.
The kraftwerk team continues to be on site above core 4 on the third floor from 9am to 5pm. Sabine Fahrenholz will be glad to advise you if you have any queries or are interested in joining our co-working space.