Start-ups Stage Three

While the next participants for a new round in kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen are being chosen, our current start-up companies are in the midst of things. On October 6th, they presented first results from the phase we call the “nest” to the panel of judges. What is the status quo? Did everybody do their homework?

Thinking back: After the so-called “bird” phase, the challenges to be met were

  • professionalization of marketing strategies
  • testing of product scalability
  • prototyping
  • intensification of promising contacts
  • concentration on target market

Well, the start-ups did their homework, and the panel of judges seemed quite content with the results of their efforts. JaSa, FoPo, S-Park Projekt (previously Rhino), and Evoblade are preparing to jump into the third and final stage of our support programme.

Merely Brian Molony with his company Biofinch will not be with us at kraftwerk anymore. This is really sad – but also comprehensible: The steady commuting between Ireland and Bremen in Germany must be exhausting, and obligations at home certainly have to take precedence.

The other four start-ups, however, proceed with undiminished commitment. JaSa seeks, with high speed, to transfer their technique to a handy format. FoPo keeps roaming the international market, winning first prize at the Carrefour Food Waste Challenge in Paris this October. The S-Park Projekt is not only looking for a new name, but has also adjusted its orientation to match customer specification and requirements. Evoblade is in the middle of its pilot phase.

The plan for next stage is for the start-ups to receive input regarding sales and distribution as well as organizational development, and also a supportive coaching process. Then it will be: Ready for the market … No. There is still some time until the final “jump”. But not that much time.