Innovative startups meet strong sparring partners

A win-win for everyone

The best things happen when you find the right partners. Just like us. Here at the kraftwerk, we bring innovative businesses from across the region together. swb, the kraftwerk’s creator, has joined forces with the Mercedes-Benz factory in Bremen and EWE to form a strong trio.

Common to all three establishments is the fact that they are all startups wanting to use fresh ideas to push ahead and into the right market. And provide intense support: Experts from the three companies work with us at the kraftwerk, acting as genuine sparring partners for our startups, and giving them a leg up in development, sales, technology and marketing. The startup teams qualifying for Selection Days will meet the group experts on the second day of the SMART TECH TROPHY 2017 – and will then be able to make contact with them to discuss their business ideas and a possible collaboration. Because the three companies are veritable heavyweights in their fields, well established on the market, but also hungry for innovation and on the lookout for new solutions to the smart cities of the future, for new mobility schemes, and creative ideas for tomorrow’s energy industry.

When the experience of our partners comes together with young, dynamic startups, it can only end up meaning one thing at the kraftwerk: A win-win for everyone.