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Intrinsify me!

What is THE “new economy” anyway? Some think of keywords like Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. However, there are also questions about changes in the organisation of labour, management methods, hierarchies, etc. At Gmbh, we see ourselves as a think tank for the new world of work and modern company management. Together with your members and other interested parties, we find the way to self-directed and purpose-driven work. Besides information and posts in our blog, we focus primarily on direct, personal communication. That’s why GmbH hosts meetups and events throughout Germany where everyone is invited to participate. The same is also true for us.

The next intrinsify.meetup on 13 December 2016 at 6:00 pm at kraftwerk is perfect for those who would like for details about the new economy and are seeking like-minded individuals and inspiration. You see, the “new economy” is precisely what we do.

More details can be found at Register here: Participation is free of charge.