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come2solve – Workshop „MüllArt"

Remembering: In November 2016, more than 80 participants met at the solution conference “come2solve”, and worked together in order to find creative solutions for everyday problems. What back then started with a huge crowd has now been intensely continued in a small circle. The headline of the workshop was “MüllArt” (WasteArt), and it is plain that the swb would be interested. Thus, the event took place under the aegis of Detlef Schütt, head of the field sales team swb disposal. Eight people from various branches met in the kraftwerk. What they developed over the course of five hours is fabulous.

A children’s book could tell the story of Mr MÜLLer (Herr MÜLLer is not translatable – Müller is a common German name deriving from “Mühle” and would therefore be translated as Miller, but “Müll” is the word for “waste”) and his waste bin Sorter. It would take the children’s perspective, ask, explain, and encourage kids to create their individual waste bin.

Or how about, our waste bin would all of a sudden watch us closely and follow us around, and the challenge would be NOT to use it?

The “Wastinade” (“Müllinade”) was inspired by the Breminale – a worldwide photo exhibition can surely be triggered via facebook. More? Indeed, there were many more ideas, but not enough space to name them all. The three aforementioned will be worked on intensely during the next weeks. There will be the jotting down of concepts, the search for sponsors, the creation of templates. Interested?

Participators, supporters, advice and suggestions are welcome. For further information about the project and its current state, contact Nils Bäumer (www.nils-bä who guided this creative process. We will keep our fingers crossed, and we are excited to learn which of those ideas will find their way into our everyday life!