Get us out of here!

kraftwerk at TeamEscape Bremen

This task is only to be tackled as a team. Communication is the crucial base for a successful project conclusion. We won’t get by without intellectual powers, astuteness, logical and analytical combination skills, phantasy and creative “out of the box” thinking. Otherwise, the door to the market we aim at won’t open.

And no, we are not talking about successful founding and start-ups. We are talking about the Christmas excursion. The past year has been eventful, and we have mastered a lot of difficulties together. This calls for a celebration! But before we get to celebrate, there is one final exam to pass! And this year, it is going to be tricky: Locked into a room, our startups, coworkers, and the team, divided in three teams of six, have exactly one hour to free themselves. Time is pressing! Who will find the solution? This is about searching, collecting, combining, and especially playing. Awaiting us is the key to freedom and glühwein. Ready and set, everyone? Then off to the Christmas fair. Have a merry Christmas time!