Germany’s Start-ups – In the land of the entrepreneurial desert?

Try something new!

We want one thing above all: to get Germany’s entrepreneur scene properly underway because there are few to few entrepreneurs here in the land of thinkers. Instead of nail studios and hairdressing salons? Try something new! Think innovatively without limits and ignore outdated structures – only after doing this is it possible to create something really big. The bare facts: almost 50,000 new jobs will be created in Germany by start-ups this year, the number of female entrepreneurs will increase – a motivating side-effect – and the level of life satisfaction is especially high among entrepreneurs. The German startup Monitor took a survey of life satisfaction last year. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Although the whole world, also in Germany, talks about the “entrepreneurial desert” and how difficult it is to be a start-up and gain a foothold in the fossilised world of corporations. Of course, there is also the first aspect of financing, and everything else! The worst part is the fear. The fear of failing. This is not very welcome in the land of high achievers. Failure! Honestly: You were not up to a challenge? You couldn’t get your company up and running? Uhhh, not good. In that case, then something was wrong. Yeah, sometimes something is wrong – so what? Then you just have to do it differently. How does that story go? The founder of Paypal, Max Levchin, founded five companies – four of which went down the drain. The fifth one was Paypal. In spite of this, we still think a small failure is a total failure, but that is simply not true. Honestly. It is better then to not do anything. True?

Well, the best ideas are those that arise when you are not trying to find them. Or the best idea was the first one, which just fell into your lap. That can also happen. Who cares. However many ideas you had before, you believe in an idea now and are pursuing it with passion and determination to steer past every obstacle. Then it will work. More and more people are doing this, even here in Germany, although it is supposedly so difficult. And the best thing is: in the meantime, it is not absolutely necessary to live in Berlin, Munich, or Hamburg to find the ideal biotope for your start-up. Nope. More and more support programmes, coworking spaces, and networks of entrepreneurs are arising outside of metropolitan areas. For example like us here in Bremen. Like kraftwerk, for example. Here you are in the middle of it all and receive help to become prepared to get started. Without any sand in the gearbox. Goodbye entrepreneurial desert!