FoPo – World, we are coming!

We proudly present: Adriana & Vita from FoPo

Yearning for strawberry cake? Just get some butter, cream, biscuits – uh oh! No fruit on hand again! But you have some FoPo Strawberry power. If you don’t have any fresh ingredients at home at the moment, FoPo offers an alternative in the form of dry fruit and vegetable powders in a variety of flavours. The powder itself is not unique, but the source of its ingredients is. “So many fruits and vegetables are sorted out because they do not meet the standards, so they never even reach the supermarket. We wanted to do something about this”, says Adriana. Thanks to FoPo, fruits and vegetables that did not pass quality control now have a place on the shelf. Their idea fits the spirit of the times: it is very socially relevant, ecological, and sustainable – and promises economic success.

The corresponding production technology has been used for years in industry: fruits and vegetables are preserved by freezing them. But what about the legal regulations, customs, and requirements? “Oh, that is not really a problem”, says Adriana. The real difficulty lies elsewhere: “When you are as young as we are, some people will not take you seriously. This is particularly true with large corporations.” The two 25-year-olds do not let this get in their way, though. Instead, Adriana and Vita stride with determination through the business world. “We have learned that you need to hold on to your goals and values.” This is what makes it possible for a small company to capture a market. In the Philippines, for example, FoPo has already celebrated its first success. That’s a good start, but small is not what Vita and the others want. “If you want to make money, then you need to think big.” grins Adriana. “We think about the global market.”