Community Time

It’s Just More Fun Together

Work is important – but your work will be better and happier when you take a break every now and then. When you keep up exchange with others, or when you take care to schedule activities with colleagues. For example, on Fridays.

In our kraftwerk, Friday afternoon is “Community Time”. This invitation goes out to our start-ups, their tutors, and all our co-workers. We will start at 2 p.m. There will be time to present your current pitch deck, or you could discuss the business model Canvas, talk about challenges or report success. Everybody is welcome – you don’t have bring something urgent. The main thing is to spend time together – and to seize the day. Also, as exercising is at least as important as taking a break, we will do sport after our exchange. That may be bouldering or ice-skating. Should time be short, we might just play some table top football. Keeps you fit and has the team spirit. So – grab your trainers! We are looking forward to Friday afternoons with you!