No time for daydreamers.
Smart City calling!

With all due respect, we know how the rubbish we all produce stinks. And that electricity doesn’t just come out of the wall plug.
It’s of course impossible to change the world in one day. But we want to work with you to develop pragmatic solutions for Smart City and mobility of the future and use this to give it a try.

Get real!
We’re all about straight talking

We’re realists and a bit rough around the edges, which can sometimes mean we’re a little uncomfortable or difficult to handle. And that’s precisely what makes us a partner capable of looking both you and reality in the eye.

Team play beats glamour!

We admit; Bremen isn’t exactly the Mecca of the startup scene. But its good accessibility and intensive networks give our city a solid base to implement your ideas. And kraftwerk is the perfect open space for this.

Sumo wrestler meets business punk

Our partners are real heavyweights in their markets. But they also rely on breaking new ground. And are prepared to do so.
kraftwerk is amid of them. If you’ve got something to offer, we’ll hook you up with the important decision-makers.

Our Partner