Biofinch – 50 Shades Of Green

Good ideas come to him – often, Brian says. Whenever he sees a problem, he starts thinking about the simplest solution. This is also how he came up with his composter. Brian was pondering the fact that not everybody owns a garden to place a compost heap. Furthermore, what do you do with fish’n chips? An acquaintance of his sells this traditional dish and wondered: “What to do with the waste?” In order to be able to compost waste from boiled food and re-integrate it into the natural cycle, Brian designed a hollow vessel compost system together with the Limerick Institute of Technology. The heat it develops makes even boiled waste from the kitchen easily turn to humus. The next best thing: There is no smell. Plus, rats cannot reach it. Even at the chip shop.
Brian has been interested in environmental protection for quite a while. Being a CIWM- certified trainer for waste management, he is committed to resourcing and chairman of the Tipperary Green Business Network which supports green businesses. “There are more than fifty shades of green”, Brian smiles. He is convinced that there are many more possibilities to motivate people to care for nature and their environment. One of those is currently well under way to enter the market. The next one is probably already forming in his head…

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