The issues addressed at the kraftwerk include climate neutrality, circular economy, digitalization.

Anyone with a good idea can apply. Does your idea fit in our topics? Want to get your company on the road to success in Bremen? Then apply for entries our kraftwerk support programme!


Maximum flexibility in terms of the duration and content of the startup support programme. Kraftwerk is open to all development phases of your startup. The access to various experts at the partner companies is geared to your personal requirements. Our partners facilitate fast access to the customer market.

After receiving your application form, we attend to it as quickly as possible. Candidates are selected by the kraftwerk team and the experts from our partner companies. If we find you and your idea interesting, we’ll invite you to a “Presentation Day” at kraftwerk. And we can then get started with your support programme!

We have an analysis meeting with you to determine which advanced training options and support you need. We work out the duration of our co-operation on an individual basis, but the minimum is two months.

As a seed startup, you should have a business idea and a rough initial plan for a business model.

During the early stage, your startup should have a refined business model and an initial business plan. An initial market analysis should have been done.

As a late stage startup, your business idea will be based on a functioning business model. You will either be about to face the challenge of prototyping, or will already be interacting on the market and perhaps even have your first customers.

Yes, provided your idea is at least in the “early stage” phase.

Startups at the kraftwerk have the opportunity to get underway thanks to the help of three strong companies: Energy supplier swb, the Mercedes-Benz Werk Bremen, a EWE AG. There are currently plans for additional potential partners.

Our partners give you access to their own experts and customers.

More info is available at:

It may be wise for you to surrender ownership shares if you need capital and financial support. The support during the seed phase operates on the assumption that shares will be surrendered. For early and late-stagers, however, this is not mandatory.

Let’s talk it through!

We can arrange financial support if this seems worthwhile for both parties. This may be paid monthly, virtually like a grant, or as a one-off lump sum, depending on needs. We work with you to establish the conditions.

No. But it may be very useful to do so for a certain period of time considering the intensive contact with your facilitators and our partners.

We do not provide any accommodation, but will be glad to help you look for some.

Reimbursement of travel expenses is something you’ll need to arrange with us individually.

Depending on which phase in which you joined us as a startup, you should…

… after the “seed stage” phase have assessed the feasibility of your business idea, and created an initial draft of your business plan;

…after the “early stage” phase have a ready-made business model, and be able to present a final business plan;

…after the “late stage” phase have founded your own company and be able to prove you have your own customers (if applicable). You can enter into a further co-operation with kraftwerk to strengthen your market position. But we may also be able to reach an agreement on a partnership, or become a customer of yours.

kraftwerk and its partners support young startups and innovations because ideas for the city of the future are also formed outside the walls of the major corporate groups.

We are all becoming increasingly dependent on innovative ideas. By working with startups, we and our partners want to establish fast, agile, sustainable processes at the respective companies.