A portrait of our jury

Dr. Carl Evertsz

Last but not least, we welcome Dr. Carl Evertsz in the panel of judges for the STT 2016. He manages the Pandushi Vermögensverwaltungs-GmbH as well as the CE&Co. GmbH, he is Independent Non-Executive Director (NED) of ScreenPoint Medical B.V., and functions as chairman of the advisory board for SCiLS GmbH – being an eagerly energetic entrepreneur, Dr. Evertsz comes with a load of economical experience and expertise, spots promising business ideas, and he knows exactly how to prepare and plan their realization. As a judge in our committee, he is looking forward to participate in kraftwerk – city accelerator Bremen, but furthermore, he wants to help “interesting young people in gaining support from the kraftwerk”. He views the kraftwerk as an important opportunity to make use of precious resources – without supporting programmes for start-ups, a huge amount of personal and innovative potential is often just lost, the entrepreneur says. “The kraftwerk offers a clear and simple place to go and is a forum for young people who dare to take the step into independency”.

The main condition for this feat certainly is a business idea with clear outlining and unique features, but also the willingness to work, to be open and to learn. Asked what is the fascinating thing about start-ups for someone like him who is an old hand in business, Evertsz states that “young entrepreneurs are agile, they are creative. They are busy building their thing, they break new ground, they have enormous potential at their disposal”.

His tip for business founders:
“It better be several ideas you are alight with. Follow parallel, maybe new and unthought-of roads on your way to reach your goal. You will also need flexibility, the ability to rethink, the courage to risk something – and luck!”