A portrait of our jury

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, LEMEX – Chair in Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling supports entrepreneurs, young business owners, and start-ups as his profession and uses the opportunities at the kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen to provide start-ups and spin-offs with support outside of the academic world. Entrepreneurs and founders always experience bottlenecks and are in danger of failing, which is why they need every kind of support they can get, says the university professor – especially in the form of human capital and social capital, but also financial support.

The kraftwerk considers Freiling to be “a second home and a roof over their heads” during the life of a startup. Here they have a point of contact for discussing their challenges and a creative stage for their ideas.” Imagination, robustness, dedication, and above all, authenticity are the qualifications that entrepreneurs must have in his opinion. Personality and a business idea – both aspects play a large role. “Without the right personality, no business idea will have a real profile“, believes Freiling. “However, developing a business idea also contributes a little to forming your personality. You find your ‘own’ style while underway.” It is precisely this development, the hurdles encountered when building up a business, the ways each individual handles this, and above all, the entrepreneurs themselves that interest the academic.

His tip for entrepreneurs:

“You need imagination, robustness, and dedication to found a company. Above all, though, you need authenticity, because without the personality of the entrepreneur, no business idea will have a profile.”