A lot’s been done in the last few months…

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The spring saw two startups move into our facility. They’ll be staying for a few months until they find a long-term base. Or perhaps they’ll remain here for good. We look forward to exchanging ideas with…

#1 Cup2Date
The startup team consists of a group of seven Masters students from the department of SMEs, startups and entrepreneurship (LEMEX) at the University of Bremen.
We got to know the team at a full-day LEMEX pitch event at the kraftwerk (they were the final pitch winners). Their cup redemption system for Bremen makes them a perfect fit for our “Recycling” division, which is why we wanted to support them with a workspace and our network.
According to estimates by the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND), around 23 million disposable coffee cups are thrown away in Bremen every year. 23 million, every year, in Bremen alone – and in most cases, it’s out of pure convenience. That’s something Cup2Date wants to change.

#2 Homevoice
The team uses the latest technology to streamline property management.
Considering they wound up at the kraftwerk by chance (the team was looking for a temporary space, and we had one!), we’re looking forward to input and inspiration from the five guys at Homevoice. https://www.homevoice.io/about Not only are they experts in cloud-based data, they also provide real added value when it comes to cultural shifts, networking and, in particular, customer wishes. There has already been an active exchange between the startup team and our partner swb over the last few weeks.

For approximately the last 1.5 years, a team focusing on new aspects of digitisation and digital transformation has been forming within BTC AG. New work is a key part of what they do, which is why a small, delegated group will be coming to enrich the kraftwerk for a while. We’re looking forward to all this pooled digital power!

And it finally got underway last week! Kai Meissner moved into our facility at the kraftwerk to kick start his pedelec-hire system as part of our kraftwerk support programme. More info about him, his project for Bremen, and his excellent tutors will be available shortly in our blog.

Events at the kraftwerk operate much like a beehive.
In addition to the almost daily innovation workshops run by our partners, we also host a number of startup events.
These can be found in our events calendar on our Facebook page
You’ll be able to enjoy more exciting pitches at the kraftwerk at the next two public events. Anyone wanting to register for these should do so as soon as possible. There are still spaces available:

Startup Pitch Night Bremen
12 June, 6-9.30pm
Register at:

PitchX – The enera startup competition
19 June, 4-10pm
More info:

P.S. Thank you to Marjan Graboswki (from Homevoice), who shot the latest cover image from the kraftwerk late at night.