Evoblade – A Question of Strategy

We proudly present: Frank from Evoblade

CAMPUSiDEEN 2014: 2nd place in the category “Business Idea” at CAMPUSiDEEN 2015: 3rd place in the category “Business Plans”, participation in the Science Cup … – “I’m not the competitive type”, says Frank Kortenstedde. Aha. What type are you then?

For the wind energy specialist, founding a company is first and foremost a question of strategy. Demonstrating your expertise, getting the product out into the market, and finding the right partners. The latter is especially important: “Once you have a good idea, you just need to get started. That is not the problem, though. The greatest challenge is founding the company.” Once you have found the right partners, the key is keeping them together, giving them the space they need based on their area of expertise, and making unanimous decisions possible. This is what Frank considers his primary task. “Having a clear division of labour is important. Benjamin and Andreas are the technicians, I am responsible for maintaining an overview, making contacts, and management.” Even though the employee of the Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT) developed the “SplitFlap” wind flow element in the framework of his PhD thesis, strategic management fascinates him even more. “It is exciting to watch a small company grow”, says the mechanical engineer. For good reason, he also studied industrial engineering in addition to his technical degree. The goal: to understand, design, and develop business processes holistically.

The plan for the next milestones is ready in any case. The product should be ready for the market by February, 2017 and enable an increase in revenue of 5%. With the Deutsche Windtechnik AG, Frank and his co-founders already have an experienced service company for wind farm operators at their side. Nothing can go wrong now.