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Apply now for the SMART TECH TROPHY 2017 and our support programme.


It all starts with a good idea. And then? How do you promote them? How do you access the market? And what does it take to be successful? As part of a one-year support programme, the Accelerator equips start-ups with the tools needed to successfully enter the market. Young businesses will also benefit from co-operative opportunities and synergies in the Incubator.


Experiences can be gained – or shared. The kraftwerk brings together people from various disciplines, from different cultures, with interesting perspectives and a whole lot of ideas. Startups, co-workers, teachers, experts and tutors all witness the businesses’ development together, and create tomorrow’s work strategies. In a curious, open, agile and innovative manner.


It only works half as well on its own, because in order to keep moving and promote things, we need to exchange information with others. The best way to do this is at the Coworking space in the heart of Bremen, which welcomes any kind of freelancer, doers, networkers, lateral thinkers, newcomers and inspirers. Creative minds meet technical foxes and experienced hares.